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Pain/stiffness in upper back/neck. what should i do? i'm having severe pain/stiffness in my upper-left back. it's extremely difficult to turn my head, and the pain has spread to my upper chest and is beginning to affect my right upper-back/shoulder. the p

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Dr. Carl Spivak answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Spine Surgery

I : I recommend seeing your primary care physician for proper assessment. There are many causes of neck/shoulder pain and stiffness including arthritis, strained muscle, rotator cuff teat, etc. The initial treatment for most of these problems are rest for a few days, regular anti-inflammatory medications (if you have no medical disorders prohibiting them, such as ulcers, kidney failure, allergy, but not limited to these) and then physical therapy. People who do not respond to these treatments should see a pain doctor, orthopedics or spine surgeon. Good luck!

Answered 3/16/2018



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