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I have chest pain, tightness & fullness; that radiates to my left arm, shoulder, neck, jaw and back. it worsens with activity & distress & lying down.

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Dr. Dimitri Novitzky answered

Specializes in Thoracic Surgery

Chest pain, tightness & fullness;: You provide the symptoms of an ischemia to the heart, or angina (insufficient O2)), or may be an aortic aneurysm of the arch, and arterial hypertension. I strongly suggest to have an appointment with a primary care Dr. to check your blood pressure, have an EKG in the office, refer you to a cardiologist, for a coronary angiogram, and an MRI of the chest. With these information, an intelligent treatment will be provided. Do the Dr. appointment today, you may have a serious condition.

Answered 8/19/2018



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