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I am recently getting over tonsillitis and sinusitis and even though all the other symptoms are gone, i cannot swallow. why? the sore throat, the congestion, etc. etc. etc....all the other symptoms are gone, but for some reason i can't even swallow my ow

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Dr. Benjamin Cilento answered

Specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery

The : The term is dysphagia meaning difficulty swallowing. It can occur as a residual effect after a severe infection. However, if you truly cannot swallow your own saliva and are losing weight you should consult an ENT so he can scope the area and evaluate your voice box and swallowing mechanism... Especially if it persists for more than two weeks.. Hope this helps -bwc.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. David Jakubowicz answered

Specializes in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

The : The term is dysphagia - or difficulty swallowing. The reason i think you have it is when you have a tonsillitis or throat infection - the infection acts like a burn. The healing process from this burned area can cause swelling of the throat and lead to some impairment of the swallowing mechanism which should resolve once the mucosa, or lining cells, of the throat, heal. These cells have cilia, or microscopic hair cells which help move the food and mucous, and these are the first to be injured after an infection. They will heal, but until then, you can have a lot of mucous or saliva.

Answered 11/29/2016



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