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My leg is always in pain and hurts to the touch and is numb and feels like it is burning what could be causing this it is my right leg and above the knee and it is getting harder to deal with. i do not know what could be causing this i need help please,

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Numbness : Numbness and burning in the upper thigh without muscle weakness is often caused by a nerve entrapment or neuropathy called meralgia paresthetica. There is a sensory nerve that supplies the skin of the thigh but not muscle. This is called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. This nerve travels through the groin and is sometimes irritated as it passes in front of the iliac crest at the hip. It is often seen in pregnant women, overweight people (especially diabetics) and sometimes with trauma. It is usually treated with medication. Sometimes a nerve decompression is done and sometimes the nerve is injected. A femoral neuropathy would involve the front of the thigh and would also involve strength in the quadriceps muscle. This can be more serious.

Answered 10/3/2016



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