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I run till my heart hurts is that bad? i used to smoke weed atleast twice a day for a year. i stopped and am trying to get in shape for soccer. i jog till my heart feels like it's gonna burst. is that bad? does it mean anything but that i'm out of shape?

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You : You say that your "heart" hurts. Although the sensation is in your chest, it may not be your heart. The best thing is to see your doctor and consider taking a stress test to see if your heart is uindeed under stress when you exercise.

Answered 4/1/2019



It may be bad: Going from doing nothing to doing everything is not good for your body. You need advice from a trainer. If you are feeling your heart "beating out of your chest, " you are overstressing yourself. At your age, and particularly if you have other risk factors you may hurt yourself. A stress test is reasonable before an unaccustomed exercise program, and start off gradually, increasing as tolerated.

Answered 8/27/2013



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