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Is 501 testosterone level too low? i got my test. checked (i am 31) and it came out at 501. my doctor said i needed hormone replacement therapy. i am wondering if i really need it or not. he said it based of just this value.

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A : A level of 501 ng/dl is probably very slightly below the normal range for men your age. The average level for a 30 year old is about 620 and about 67% of men your age will have a level between 520 and 720. Especially if you are not having any symptoms of low t, you might want to discuss this further with you doctor or get a second opinion from a urologist or endocrinologist befor starting t supplements.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Gurney Pearsall answered

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Normal by Guidelines: The normal range of total testosterone in healthy men between the ages of 25-34 is around 450 - 800 ng/dl and a mean of 616. This places your level of 500 ng/dl as normal. The endocrine society's guideline {http://www.Endo-society.Org/guidelines/final/upload/final-androgens-in-men-standalone.Pdf} states that the cut-off for low testosterone as 300 ng/dl fda approved drugs also use 300 ng/dl.

Answered 9/19/2017



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