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Qtips too far till bleeding hi everyone, last night i was cleaning my ear with q tips and by accident it went too deep till i had this sharp pain then there was bleeding , it stooped for awhile but then when i woke up this morning there was 3 drops of blo

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Unfortunately : Unfortunately this is a very common occurrence. Typically the q-tip only scratches the ear canal but rarely, it can injure the ear drum (tympanic membrane) itself. If your pain gradually improves with no other symptoms, you can just observe your condition. If you develop any hearing change, fever, redness, or other signs of infection then you must seek medical evaluation. In the future, only use the q-tips on the outer portion of your ear.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Jon Aoki answered

No Q-tips in ears: At best you scratched your ear canal. At worst you injured the eardrum. Keep water out of your ear and see ENT doctor. Never put an object in your ear please.

Answered 4/26/2018


Dr. Alexander Gorup answered

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Damaged eardrum: It is possible that you contacted the eardrum and caused some trauma. Should have the ear checked out by a doctor.

Answered 11/6/2016



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