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I have red bumps on my arms that don't itch but are just there. is there any way to get rid of them? i have bumps on my arms that are red and white. they look like the size of pimples, but they do not hurt or itch. is there any possible way to remove t

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The : The rash you are describing sounds like a condition called hyperkeratosis pilaris. This is a genetic condition that affects the hair follicles and results in bumps on the skin, mostly the outer arms . Usually there are no symptoms. This problem is often worsened by dry skin and seasonal allergies. This condition is troubling for many because the bumps are not aesthetically pleasing as you put it . Unfortunately there is no cure for this condition, however there are things you can try to minimize the bumps. Things such as heavy moisturizing creams, scrubbing gently with a loofah, and controlling allergies if present. Some have linked the condition to vitamin deficiences, therefore a daily multivitamin can be tried. It is highly recommended that you visit your primary care provider or dermatologist so the exact diagnosis can be made. Good luck!

Answered 10/3/2016


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Red bumps: You need to see a dermatologist if the bumps persist more than a week and find out the cause which will dictate the best treatment regimine.

Answered 1/15/2018



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