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Food to eat after exercising? i was wondering what foods to eat after exercising (cardio) if i'm trying to lose weight. it seems counter-intuitive! also, is there a certain time frame by which one should eat protein after exercising?

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Dr. Joy Jackson answered

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Your : Your best bet would be to eat at least about an hour before your work-out. This would be a good time to have carbohydrates, because you will burn them off fairly quickly during your cardio work out while giving you energy to power through your work out. Immediately after your work out you can drink a low fat protein shake, this will help build muscle, which will eventually burn fat. For a more detailed and tailored regimen, a sports nutritionist would be a good person to consult. Good luck.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Mark Galland answered

Specializes in Orthopedic Surgery

Discuss: You have a couple of options of professionals to consult. A dietician/nutritionist will be sure to provide food options for optimal health. A personal trainers can create a work out routine for your personal goals. Hope this helps best of luck!

Answered 12/10/2013


Dr. Alvin Stein answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Figure the amount of: Calories you need totally for a day, eat less that that for weight loss. If you eat more for the day , you will not lose weight. If you eat more than you worked off by the exercise and your normal metabolic need, you will not lose . Most people need professional health to be successful

Answered 9/11/2013


Dr. Rex Mahnensmith answered

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Protein intake: Take in pure protein as much as possible after exercising. Eat within 2 hours. Egg white is superior to all. Quinoa is excellent. Yogurt is excellent

Answered 8/12/2014



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