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Can i smoke marijuana a few days after a anxiety/panic attack? 2 days ago i had a panic attack while smoking marijuana. i went to the hospital out of fear that it was a heart attack. i had an ekg done, chest x-rays and blood work and the results came back

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Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge answered

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It : It is not safe to smoke marijuana if you are succeptible to panic attacks. This is because subtances in the drug can make people feel paranoid and confused - promoting more panic and anxiety. Marijuana is an illegal drug and should be avoided.

Answered 1/25/2021



Probably NOT!: There are two major classes of psychoactive ingredients identified in mj: thc which induces hallucinatons and euphoria or dysphoria/panic--being stoned. Cannabinoids which are not intoxicating and which may aid focus and pain relief. Current cultivation of high thc plants has given rise to greater anxiety/panic/paranoia and psychosis in susceptible persons. Negative circumstances can contribute.

Answered 5/20/2015



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