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Will a mini lift help get rid of the "old" look of my face? i'm 50 years young and i've developed sagging skin around my eyes, wrinkles in my forehead, a sagging chin and basically i look old and tired. i want to look younger to match how i feel. will the

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A : A "mini lift" typically only addresses the lower part of the face--the jowl area and does not help the neck. Most surgeons use this for a younger patient with some signs of aging but only require a small change to improve the appearance. This procedure does nothing for the midface, eyelids or brows. Think of a lower facelift as addressing the structures of the face below a line drawn from the corner of the mouth to the top of the ear--including the neck. A mini lift would be the top half of a lower facelift. A neck lift would be the bottom half of a lower facelift. Lifting should include in almost all cases the deeper structures of the face not only the skin. A skin only facelift is a very old procedure but has been revived with the lifestyle lift--that in my opinion is a poor intervention for an aging face. Good luck!

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Jay Bradley answered

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Possibly: A mini-lift is one option for these issues but laser skin tightening treatments will likely be a good less invasive option. Forehead wrinkles are often best treated with Botox injections.

Answered 6/24/2014



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