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I have a small cyst in the palm of my hand that seems to be starting to make my hand tingle.its very painful if hit, what is it! i'm afraid its starting to get worse.i am an xray tech, and i have xrayed it.there is nothing that can be seen on the xray.

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Dr. Matthew Robon answered

Specializes in Hand Surgery

It's : It's impossible to diagnoses things over the internet, but this could possibly be a ganglion cyst and it may be near your carpal tunnel. That could cause your "tingling." i would recommed seeing a hand surgeon and having him or her examine you hand as other things could cause this as well. Here are a few links to read more about ganglion cysts and carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel http://orthoinfo.Aaos.Org/topic.Cfm?Topic=a00005 ganglion cysts http://orthoinfo.Aaos.Org/topic.Cfm?Topic=a00006 hope this helps, matt robon, md.

Answered 10/3/2016


Dr. Gary Pess answered

Specializes in Hand Surgery

Cyst: The cyst could be compressing the nerve. See a hand surgeon for an exam.

Answered 3/24/2013


Dr. Jeffrey Wint answered

Specializes in Hand Surgery

A cyst is a fluid : Filled sac and does not show up on xray except for a soft tissue shadow at just the right angle. There are many nerves in the hand and they can get compressed by anything . It is also possibe that these are not related, that 1 you have a cyst and 2 you HAV anther issue such as carpal tunnel or compression in guyons canal ( or the cyst can casue this too) see a hand surgeon.

Answered 3/25/2023



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