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What is interventricula septal hypertrophy? i had an echo that showed: preserved left ventricular contractility and interventricular septal hypertrophy. i was put on inderal 10mg twice a day but the doctor didn't really explain it. can you tell me if th

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Preserved : Preserved left ventricular contractility is a good thing, it means your heart has normal pumping function. Hypertrophy is thickening of the heart muscle. Most often, this is a response to years of hypertension (high blood pressure), as the heart muscle must thicken in order to adapt to the higher pressure it is pumping against. This type of hypertrophy typically involves the entire left ventricle and is called concentric hypertrophy. When the thickening only involves the septum, that may indicate a genetic condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (hcm), but not always. I cannot comment on whether you have this condition, and you will have to discuss with the cardiologist that ordered this test. Inderal is a beta blocker medication, and can be used to treat high blood pressure and also to slow or stabilize the heart rate and rhythm. Even though your doctor is busy it is your right as a patient to have things adequately explained to you, particularly when a new treatment is started. I would recommend that you contact your cardiologist's clinic nurse to arrange a way for you to get more information. They may be able to discuss with you on the phone, or in the office.

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This is sometimes: A relatively benign finding. Your question was cut-off. Please repost.

Answered 2/6/2013



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