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I have to select a surgeon for inguinal hernia surgery. one has lower degree but performs mostly hernias. but lately, too many patients come back with infection. other has asuperior degree, but mostly performs on upper abdomen and has least post surgical

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Dr. James Henning answered

Specializes in Anesthesiology

Research Yourself!: Speak with your primary care providers, seek out others who have had positive experiences with their surgeries, if you have family or close personal friends with expertise or experience do factor in their opinions, review data on the surgeons complication or failure rates if you can (data available from many hospitals), interview at least two individuals. A limited scope of practice may be best!

Answered 11/7/2012


Dr. David Earle answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Complex: There is almost no way to know for sure. Infections after surgery of different types may not equate to inguinal henia repair. The institution also has a lot to do with outcomes. Specialty training, experience, and practice focus are all imolportant factors to consider, however you also have to feel confident with the surgeon. Im sorry you have to have an operation, and i hope this helps.

Answered 11/8/2012


Dr. Joseph Sucher answered

Specializes in Trauma Surgery

Choose who you trust: Ultimately, you must choose the surgeon you trust. I'm not sure what a "lower" degree vs a "superior" degree. We all have one degree - md/do. Others, like myself, have certification from the american board of surgery and are fellows of the american college of surgeons. All indicating that we have passed a number of milestones in training, ethical conduct and continued verification processes.

Answered 6/24/2014



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