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Main question: my 70-year-old mother has bone loss and i was told that is in my future?

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Possibly: Osteoporosis does run in families. It is more common in fair skinned people. Othger risk factors include early menopause(natural or surgical), alcohol, some meds, female, smoking, sedentary. Limitted sun exposure are also at risk. Have your vit d level checked, take calcium and exercise regularly. Limit alcohol use, stop smoking and get a bone density test to check your baseline bone health.

Answered 11/1/2012


Dr. Dinh Bui answered

Not orally: Genetics plays a very small role in having bone loss in your mouth. Periodontitis, a disease where periodontal attachment around our teeth occured and leads tooth loss. Periodontitis does not pass down from generation since its etiology is primarily bacterial and secondary occlusion.

Answered 2/17/2013



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