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A member asked:

my dad (age 60) has a red lump on the bottom of his lowerlip, approximately 1 inch wide. it is, according to my mum, soft to the touch. i am very worried. what could it be?

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Dr. Steven Bender
Dentistry 35 years experience
How long?: The question is; hoow long has it been there? It could be from trauma such a biting the lip. Most lesions will resolve in 2 weeks time. If it persist, it should be examined by a dentist trained in oral medicine.
Dr. Robert Trager
Dentistry 55 years experience
Precancerous legion: This could be a pre-cancerous legion if there is a history of trauma, smoking and or alcohol usage. If it has been there for more than three or four months, go to an oral surgeon or a dermatologist and have a biopsy taken.
Dr. Gary Sandler
Dentistry 54 years experience
Needs evaluation....: That lump could be a number of things, none of which can be accurately diagnosed over the internet, especially sight unseen. Your dad should be seen by a general dentist or oral surgeon in order to determine what that lump is and what, if anything, needs to be done. Merely giving you a list of possibilities will neither be helpful nor ease your concern.

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Can rabies be caught from touching an animal that has rabies?

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Dr. Robert Kwok
Pediatrics 33 years experience
Yes, sometimes: Touching a rabid animal doesn't always transmit rabies. However, rabies is fatal, so anyone who touches a known rabid animal should talk with a doctor. If a person touches a rabid animal's saliva, either directly or by touching a part of the animal that the animal was licking, then he has virus on his hands. The virus can then enter his body through the eyes, nose, mouth, or wounds in the skin.
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Can I get gangrene from being around it or touching an infected item?

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Dr. Oliver Aalami
Vascular Surgery 23 years experience
No: Not possible. Gangrene occurs when someone has very poor circulation. People with gangrene have a hard time fighting infections. You may get bacteria on your skin by touching someone's gangrene, but that is about it.
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Can u get herpes from touching some one?

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Dr. Hunter Handsfield
Infectious Disease 53 years experience
Probably not: In adults, there is no risk from non-intimate touching. For example, if someone has genital or oral herpes, nobody is at risk just from things like shaking hands, hugging, etc. Also little or no risk from hand contact with someone's infected genitals or mouth. Without sex or kissing, there is little or no risk.
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Insecure about my private area. Do doctors have to touch it at my check-up?

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Dr. Troy Reyna
Pediatric Surgery 44 years experience
Depends: For an annual checkup a thorough exam is necessary to include private area. A lot depends on the age of the patient and the present complaint.
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Anyone creeped out by people touching your neck?

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Dr. Pamela Pappas
Psychiatry 42 years experience
Homeopathic symptom: All of us are sensitive to certain things -- some of us extremely so. It depends how bothered you are by this, and whether it's limiting your activities. But there are certain homeopathic remedies known to involve this symptom. If willing, you could consult an experienced classical homeopath to discuss this, plus other features unique to you . . . Leading to a helpful remedy for you overall.

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Last updated Dec 9, 2013

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