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It has been 6 weeks since starting therapy, and i still feel anxious and nervous, when will it go away?

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Dr. Kerry Ragain answered

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Hang in there: The time it takes for therapy to start working can vary widely depending on, among other things, the duration, frequency, and intensity of your symptoms. Some people feel almost immediate benefit from therapy, while others can need much more time for signs of benefit. Probably one of the best things you can do with regard to this question is bring it up with your therapist and address it together.

Answered 6/8/2015


Dr. Andrew Berry answered

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Anxiety: Are you getting medications as well as therapy? If not, consider getting a psychiatric evaluation for what bothers you, and consider what meds have to offer, in terms of taking the edge off your symptoms. Meds COMBINED with therapy is optimal. Not just one or the other.

Answered 3/17/2015



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