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Could lingual braces be used to cure tooth impaction?

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Maybe: It depends on the level of impaction and which particular tooth. Lingual braces add a layer of complexity to treatment that will take usually longer in time and cost.

Answered 5/15/2014



Yes: Lingual braces are more complex for the doctor, but in skilled hands, impactions and almost all orthodontic complications can be effectively corrected with lingual appliances. Choosing the right orthodontist for care is the biggest hurdle. After that, he or she will use all of their skill to correct your malocclusion with the most sophisticated appliances. Best of luck!

Answered 1/9/2013



Yes but bad choice: Lingual braces. They have their issues-- can cut your tongue, often impact speech, difficult to treat. We tried these for a while and decided not to treat using them. If you need an invisable solution, would strongly recommend you consider invisalign instead. Or better yet, consider clear brackets.

Answered 5/16/2017



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