A member asked:

Is it safe to take propranolo if you are also taking 5mg norvasc (amlodipine) and maxcide 75'50 once daily?

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Dr. Lonna Larsh answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Yes: These 3 blood pressure medications have different mechanisms of action, so they are often used together.

Answered 7/25/2013


Dr. Charles Turck answered

Specializes in Pharmacology

Yes: You may safely take propranolol, Norvasc, and Maxzide 75/50 together - they do not interact. Things to watch for when you first start taking propranolol and with dose increases are lightheadedness and feeling faint, either of which should prompt a blood pressure reading to ensure that you’re not going too low. It would be ideal to get your pulse (heart rate) during an episode like that.

Answered 3/14/2018



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