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How effective is laser resurfacing on ice pick scars?

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Dr. Michael Sinclair answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

It can be very good: There are a lot of variables, but for the right skin type, with the right laser and the right doctor, laser resurfacing can be very effective for ice pick scars. It will probably take more than one treatment and there may be some down time, but an experienced doc should be able to give you some significant improvement.

Answered 12/9/2013


Dr. M. Christine Lee answered

Specializes in Dermatology

Fractional CO2: Ice pick scars are notoriously resistant to treatment. Co2 laser or fractional co2 with deepfx seems to work the best.

Answered 5/20/2013


Dr. Otto Placik answered

Specializes in Surgery - Plastics

Holes not scars: Unfortunately ice pick scars are not true scars but holes in the skin. If we had sparkle for the skin, it would be similar to repairing nail holes left in walls but we don't. Some options include excision with closure or grafting followed by dermabrasion but this may leave a different type of scar more similar to a hair plug. Skin needling may help camouflage the hole but will not eliminate it.

Answered 5/1/2013



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