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A 22-year-old male asked:

The best way to whiten teeth?

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Dr. Simon Rosenberg
Dentistry 46 years experience
See Your Dentist: There's several whitening methods. Dentist supervised at-home with a custom tray is the most effective. In-office is quick but results vary & sensitivity of the teeth can be a problem. Over the counter whitening strips are low dose & results vary from no visible results to some whitening to only whitening the biting half of the teeth since the strips go straight across & gum-tooth line is curved.
Dr. Media Najafi
Dentistry 22 years experience
For first time users I recommend in office treatment because it is fast and furious and under the care of dentist. There is some sensitivity just that first day of treatment. Home trays are excellent for touch ups at home.
Sep 6, 2012
Dr. Media Najafi
Dentistry 22 years experience
In office : In office teeth whitening for first time users because it is under the care of dentist and we can determine how sensitive your teeth are and then give appropriate percentage of gel for touchupmwhitenings at home. If office whitening is also fast, efficient, and the sensitivity sometimes associated with it is only for that same day. I am very happy with its results for my patients and they are too.
Dr. William Eliades
Cosmetic Dentistry 39 years experience
Whitening: There are several ways to whiten teeth. It all depends on your budget. The in house is the best but most expensive but you can look for daily deals online.
Dr. Michael Dolby
Cosmetic Surgery 28 years experience
Professionally: You will always get your best results when you use a professional to whiten your teeth. Zoom professional teeth whitening has worked excellent for my patients over the years along with at home trays for touch ups during the year.
Dr. John Calvert
Dentistry 36 years experience
See your dentist: Of course as a dentist you would probably expect all of us to recommend professional dental supervised whitening in an office. You are right, but not for our benefit of income. In my office we charge very little to whiten teeth because our primary concern is your happiness and that we exceed your expectations. I think you will find many dentists out there that place you as their main priority.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 53 years experience
Complex question: Best way is under a dentist's supervision. Know that teeth can be whitened, but not restorations that may have been shaded to match darker teeth. Best bang for your buck is to work with your dentist. Strips and toothpastes are only marginally effective.
Dr. Anna Guarna
Dentistry 35 years experience
Depends: It depends on many factors- level of color you're trying to reach, the thickness of your enamel, sensitivity of your mouth, any pre-existincavities/oral issues (crowns/veneers/bonding). Generally, if your mouth is healthy and you see your dentist regularly, either in office or otc whitening strips/trays. I prefer an in office visit and trays for maintenance it's best to see your dentist.
Dr. Richard Charmoy
Dentistry 36 years experience
OTC WHITENERS: Otc whiteners work but your dentist can provide you with stronger material. They are all perioxide based gels some with Fluoride to decrease sensitivity which is the usual side effect.
Dr. Thomas Stelmach
Cosmetic Dentistry 39 years experience
Zoom: Of all the whitening treatments the zoom uv bleaching system does the best job of whitening. Unfortunately it also causes the greatest amount of tooth sensitivity.
Dr. George Ayoub
Cosmetic Dentistry 18 years experience
It depends: At home you can use whitening trays in the office you can use laser whitening such as zoom.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 53 years experience
Best option: Best to see your Dentist. OTC products not very effective. Have your Dentist whiten them and help you maintain their whiteness. Know that any whitening treatment will have to be redone in time.
Dr. Theodore Davantzis
Dentistry 40 years experience
Professional Whtning: Your dentist has the strongest, most effective products available to whiten your teeth. Together with a professional cleaning and polishing, your smile should be radiant.
Dr. Gary Sandler
Dentistry 54 years experience
Prof. consult: There is no one generally accepted "best way". If your teeth are basically healthy and only somewhat dark, a dentist can provide you with an in-office and\or take home bleaching kit, which is better than any OTC method. However, you might require other restorative options in order to achieve the best smile. Get one or two professional consultations and then decide what is best for you.
Dr. Arnold Malerman
Orthodontics 53 years experience
Hands sown: Hands down best way is to have your Dentist do it. You can't even come close with OTC products, but they are helpful in maintaining the brilliant white smile your Dentist can produce for you.

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A 30-year-old member asked:

How can I best whiten teeth?

7 doctor answers15 doctors weighed in
Dr. Mike Deldar
Cosmetic Dentistry 24 years experience
Professional: Professional teeth whitening, recommended by your dentist. The korr technique is one of the best and you definitely see the result. It is amazing.
A female asked:

What is the best way to effectively whiten teeth?

2 doctor answers4 doctors weighed in
Dr. Thomas Mchugh
Specializes in Dentistry
Whitening: The best way to whiten your teeth is to see your dentist to make sure you have no cavities and that you can get a prescriptioned medication that is not harmful or painful. It is worth it.
A 31-year-old female asked:

What's the best way to whiten teeth at home?

4 doctor answers4 doctors weighed in
Dr. Sandra Eleczko
Dentistry 36 years experience
Talk to your dentist: It is best to talk to your dentist about whitening your teeth so you do it safely and successfully. There are many systems that can work. Some of the ones you see in the stores and online can actually hurt your teeth. Avoid smoking, coffee, tea, red wines , grape juice, blueberries and other dark foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Good brushing and flossing helps keep your teeth whiter.
A 23-year-old female asked:

Safest and best way to whiten teeth?

6 doctor answers14 doctors weighed in
Dr. Charles Kattuah
Dentistry 23 years experience
Trays from dentist: The best and safest way to whiten your teeth is to have custom fitted trays made by your dentist and use bleaching gel of carbamide peroxide (also supplied by dentist) of anywhere from 10 to 16 percent strength. Lower concentrations of bleach with longer contact time is the best way. Results vary, and tooth sensitivity is common when bleaching. Make sure to get a thorough exam prior to doing this.
A member asked:

Best way to whiten teeth non professionally?

2 doctor answers2 doctors weighed in
Dr. Amrit Singh
Cardiology 51 years experience
Good habit: some strips may help. but avoid too much coffee, coke, smoking and brush teeth regularly after each meal.

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Last updated Sep 29, 2016

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