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Where do you get compression sleeves for lymphedema?

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Dr. Eric Lullove answered

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Medical supply.....: Medical supply stores should carry otc and rx lymphedema compression sleeves.

Answered 4/2/2013


Dr. Vasu Brown answered

Specializes in Integrative Medicine

Lymphedemaproducts: Lymphedemaproducts.Com to select the correct garment (ready-made or custom made), compression level, and, if necessary, fastening systems, the patients age, physical abilities (and limitations), lifestyle, type of lymphedema and any other conditions must be taken into consideration. It is necessary that a compression garment is chosen that meets the patient’s individual needs.

Answered 4/23/2018


Dr. Ted King answered

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Compression sleeves: Start with your lymphedema therapist who can make recommendations for strength, type, fit, measuring, use, etc. You should be able to go to any durable medical supply house to be get the sleeve. Your lymphedema therapist might even have them, or at least be able to order one for you.

Answered 2/22/2014



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