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How many people are living with skin cancer?

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Dr. Mike Bowman answered

Specializes in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery

Many... :): There are several ways to answer that. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US. About 2 million people are diagnosed annually. Most of those people are treated and cured (although at higher risk for a second skin cancer somewhere else)...So after treatment, only a few are "living with disease." there are also many different types of skin cancer, which behave differently.

Answered 3/13/2019


Dr. Ronald Shelton answered

Specializes in Dermatology

Skin cancer: New skin cancer diagnoses will be greater than 1 million in the u. S. Per year and that may be an underestimate as they are not formally reported. 20% of americans may develop some type of skin cancer in their lifetime, but fortuanately most are curable. Don't forget to use your sunscreen, but take vitamin d by mouth since the sunscreen prevents your skin from making the vitaimin.

Answered 2/27/2014


Dr. Travis Kidner answered

Specializes in Surgical Oncology

Most common cancer: More than 3.5 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed in this country each year. Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, will account for more than 76, 600 cases of skin cancer in 2013.

Answered 4/1/2013



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