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Seeing psychiatrist, on meds, md, gad, ptsd, eating disorder...worse than ever..been is hosp. suffering badly, exhausted. ect?

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Dr. William Holmes answered

Specializes in Child Psychiatry

Possibly: This is a complex issue that requires thorough discussion with your psychiatrist. It will be important to reivew your medication history to see what has been tried and what still may be helpful. Ect is not widely available, but it is potentially useful.

Answered 9/28/2016


Dr. Israr Abbasi answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

It Gets Better : It seems like you have been suffering from a cluster of anxiety and mood sx . It can become very exhaustive but " don't let hope be casualty of this " . There are several treatment options . Ect is certainly a very good option and should consider that . Unfortunatly sometime people wait to long to try it . Nms is another newer option for resistant mdd.

Answered 12/10/2016


Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Adjunctive tx: I am not familiar with use of ECT for ptsd or other anxiety disorders. Certainly it can be used for recalcitrant major depression. This needs to be carefully thought through. Since you are anxious, dealing with trauma, & exhausted, your psychiatrist could consider adjunctive treatment with acupuncture. It is now being used widely in the military for ptsd, insomnia, depression & tbi.

Answered 6/10/2014



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