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I think i have tennis elbow and it hurts when i lift heavy objects with my hand. so i went to the local pharmacy store and bought a brace for it. but after two weeks of every day use the pain is not getting bette i'm worried that it might get worse?

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Stretch and ice: Stretch forearem ms, wrist curls with 3 lb wt., ice after. Avoid lifting with palm down.

Answered 2/24/2018


Dr. Gregg Vagner answered

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Braces variable: The brace you are describing is called a counterforce brace and they actually have a pretty low response rate. So, you are not alone in your frustration with these braces. The first line of treatment is always stretching exercises along with avoiding lifting with the palm down. You can add nsaids. If this doesnt help, i would see a health care professional.

Answered 2/8/2013



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