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A 39-year-old member asked:

is pain when standing a symptom of sciatica?

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Dr. David Teicheira
Pain Management 36 years experience
Maybe...: Sciatica is an old medical term for irritation of the sciatic nerve: pain from the buttocks down the back of the leg. But it's usually caused by irritation of the roots of this nerve in the spine. The problem causing this is different for each. Usually a herniated disc can irritate the nerve in various ways. Sometimes, standing up straight can shift the spine to cause this. The "pinched nerve".
Dr. Thomas Dowling
Orthopedic Spine Surgery 40 years experience
It can be: This may be dependent on the size and location of a disc herniation in the lower back.
Dr. Peter Zimmerman
Pain Management 33 years experience
This can often also represent pathology in the posterior elements
Aug 12, 2012
Dr. Qamar Khan
Pain Management 17 years experience
Spine Pain: This pain in the distribution as you suggested is the result of an irritated nerve or facet joints or other injury typically in the lumbar spine (low back) which are caused by herniated disks, spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease, etc requiring further evaluation by a spine specialist.

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A 40-year-old member asked:

Which over-the-counter medication helps alleviate the pain of sciatica?

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Dr. Bettina Herbert
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 20 years experience
Meds, herbs and food: Anti-infammatory meds (nsaids) always taken with food to protect your stomach. Better yet get to reason for sciatica - trauma, posture, misalignment of body. Osteopathic physician who does manipulation or chiropractor may help. Physical therapy to strengthen you in better alignment. Anti-infl herbs include turmeric, ginger, rosemary & more. Find anti-infl diet online - try herbal zyflamend.
A member asked:

What exercises can I do to mitigate the pain of sciatica?

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Dr. Robert McMurtrie
Pain Management 23 years experience
See pain specialist: Look into a beginners hatha yoga class. It consists of a series of "poses" that works on strength and flexibility of the whole body but especially the "core". Doing stretches from a video or handout is like learning to be a doctor only from a book. You need someone to instruct you to make sure you are doing the exercises/stretches correctly. Otherwise, you may cause injury and defeat the purpose.
A 27-year-old member asked:

Evaluated for sciatica: in servere pain for longer than 2wks already. How long until it gets better?

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Dr. Michael Jones
A Verified Doctor answered
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Depends: Most causes of low back pain will resolve with conservative treatments (heating pads, anti-inflammatories, rest etc.) within 6 weeks. If it doesn't it should be evaluated further. Also, if you are having radiation of pain into the legs, leg weakness, difficulty urinating or numbness in the groin area, you should be evaluated now.
A 42-year-old member asked:

What can help with siatica pain?

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Dr. Alexandre De Moura
Orthopedic Spine Surgery 31 years experience
Physical therapy and medication: First, you should find out why you have sciatica. I would recommend seeing an orthopedic spinal specialist. Have a formal examination, MRI study. At this point physical therapy and pain management is warranted. Surgery should be a last resort.
Guaynabo, PR
A 41-year-old female asked:

Could the painful left butt be a sign of other than sarciatica .Plz advise.?

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Dr. David Dechellis
Pain Management 13 years experience
Could be yes: Although "sciatica" may involve portions of the buttock region, many other types of pain do as well. Get formal evaluation by specialized physician who can help differentiate the causes of your pain. Type of physician may include pain management, musculoskeletal, physiatrist, sports, or orthopedic physician. May discuss with your primary physician to see who they recommend as a specialist.

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