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Is it possible to get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

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Dr. Robert Kwok answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Fertility remains ok: A woman should be able to get pregnant after weight loss surgery if she was able to get pregnant before her surgery. The surgery probably won't decrease her fertility. However, if her type of surgery decreases her absorption of certain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc.; or if her surgery raises her risk for problems like gall bladder issues; she may make adjustments before and during pregnancy.

Answered 8/14/2013


Dr. Joseph Kuhn answered

Specializes in

Even easier!: Pregnancy is possible after any of the weight loss procedures. In fact, fertility increases rapidly. We typically warn patients to practice pregnancy prevention for the first 6 months after surgery during the rapid weight loss phase.

Answered 7/20/2012


Dr. Terry Simpson answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Yes: Often so be careful about birth control and if you become pregnant start taking vitamins early. Check with the weight loss surgeon and your ob.

Answered 7/8/2012


Dr. Scott Welle answered

Specializes in Bariatrics

Yes: Yes. Usually it may actually be easier to become pregnant after you lose the weight and your cycles become more regular. So be sure to plan for birth control if you have had problems with irregular cycles before your surgery.

Answered 4/2/2014



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