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How do i get a tick head out of my son's skin?

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Tick removal: You should use a pair tweezers and grab the tick as clsoe to the skin a spossibel and gently pull it out straigh up and do nto twist or jiggle the tweezers in any other direction. Clean the area after tick is removed with antiseptic solution. If you have difficulty youu should see your peiatrician.

Answered 8/24/2012


Dr. Joseph Bouvier answered

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See below: The rec way is as follows: if available, use tweezers and grasp the tick as close to the skin as possible (if none, use a cloth or paper to protect your fingers). Pull straight up gently, steady pressure. Don't twist or jerk. Don't squeeze, crush or puncture the tick. Disinfect the skin afterward and wash hands. If any mouthparts remain, leave alone as they will be expelled spontaneously.

Answered 6/2/2017



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