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A 36-year-old member asked:

can you get a sore throat from a tick bite?

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Dr. Phil Zapanta
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 21 years experience
It is possible: The most common tick bite disease, lyme disease, can cause a sore throat but it is commonly known for its "target" lesion. Oropharyngeal tularemia is another possibility. The bottom line is that if you live in a tick infected area and you have a sore throat, you should see your doctor, urgent care, or the er immediately. Tick bites are very treatable especially early on in the infection.
Dr. Matthew Goren
Ophthalmology 32 years experience
Maybe: There are a bunch of viral and bacterial illnesses one can get from ticks. You might consider seeing your doctor.
Dr. Robert Stachler
ENT and Head and Neck Surgery 31 years experience
Sore throat: Not likely a result of a tick bite. Make sure the tick bite site is clean and the head that burrows into the skin is completely removed. Clean the skin with soap and water and alcohol. Ticks can cause rashes due to the bite. Some Benadryl (diphenhydramine) will help here. If you have any fevers. Fatigue, and a rash on the back or trunk that has an advancing border see your doctor to get checked for lyme's dx.

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A 35-year-old member asked:

Does a lower back ache mean I am in labor?

7 doctor answers19 doctors weighed in
Dr. Jerome Yaklic
Obstetrics and Gynecology 29 years experience
No: It could especially if it is crampy and comes and goes every few minutes. However, it could be due to additional strain in your low back muscles due to your expanding belly and less postural support from your stomach (rectus) muscles. It could also be pain in your pelvis (si joints) from the hip bones "moving" to create more room for your baby to come out. If uncertain see your healthcare provider.
A 50-year-old member asked:

I just found a lump in my breast that is very tender. Im pregnant, so my breasts are changing. Could it be breast cancer? Should I be alarmed?

3 doctor answers11 doctors weighed in
Dr. Jaime Lopez
Specializes in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Not likely: Any new breast lump that you find (even in pregnancy) should be evaluated by your physician. Even pregnant women can rarely develop breast cancer, but this is more likely a benign condition like a clogged milk duct. Your doctor will decide if any additional testing is needed.
A 21-year-old member asked:

I have pain in my neck and have had many joint surgeries, is this common in eds?

2 doctor answers3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Pavel Conovalciuc
Family Medicine 23 years experience
Hard to tell: Neck pain and joint pain is just as common in eds as in many other non-eds causes. As far as joint surgeries go, I am not sure what kind of surgeries you had and for what reason. Definitely, eds patients have multiple joint problems (hypermobility, fractures, laxaty etc.) that makes them prone to trauma etc.
A 31-year-old member asked:

Could sugar intake slow down the healing of a sore throat?

2 doctor answers3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Dwight Romriell
Pain Management 45 years experience
Yes: I recomend you keep the throat clean. Rinse and swish after meals. Use an antiseptic mouth wash. Avoid feeding the invading organisms.
A 40-year-old member asked:

What can cause throat tightness? (not a food allergy)

1 doctor answer3 doctors weighed in
Dr. Scott Harwood
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 45 years experience
Multiple reasons: Could be something as simple as anxiety or something pathology in the area. Would recommend seeing an ENT specialist to evaluate it.

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Last updated Oct 1, 2016

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