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A 44-year-old member asked:

What are the best ways to ease my baby's teething pain?

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Dr. Pamela Lindor
Pediatrics 33 years experience
Chew chew: Babies need to chew, especially when teeth are coming in. Chewing on something with a "knobby" texture, or something cool, can help a lot. If you baby has moderate pain, and is irritable, you can use a teething gel directly on the swollen gum, or in some cases, give tylenol (acetaminophen) as directed by your doctor.
Dr. Lisa Roberts
Pediatrics 24 years experience
Teething toy/Tylenol: Your baby may be the most happy gnawing on his/her own hands more than anything! try a teething ring (some babies like it cold) or a teething toy as well. If your baby seems very uncomfortable, you can try a weight appropriate dosage of Acetaminophen (or Ibuprofen if your baby is over 6 months). Try to avoid orajel or medicated teething tablets; the risk of side effects may outweigh the benefits.
Dr. Oscar Novick
Pediatrics 59 years experience
A frozen half of a bagel works great
Mar 3, 2014
Dr. Mark Diamond
Pediatrics 47 years experience
Something Cold: There are several approaches.Tylenol (acetaminophen) may help. Local anesthetic such as oragel provides very short lived relief. Take a clean washcloth and run it under cold water. Let the baby suck on this as needed. This works as well as any teething ring as the cold helps numb the area and the roughness relieves the discomfort.
Dr. Debi Williams
Dentistry 27 years experience
The washcloth tip is excellent and cleans the teeth as they erupt. The FDA took Infant Orajel off the market due to possible deadly side effects in infants.
Mar 17, 2013

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Last updated Dec 16, 2014

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