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What is lumbar traction?

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A type of treatment: Treatment for back problems where there is traction on your spine to "open up" the spaces between you vertebra and loosen the pressure on trapped nerves and restore disc integrity.

Answered 3/27/2014


Dr. Justin Esterberg answered

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Pull: Literally means pulling on your spine in a way to temporarily lengthen your spine. There are several tables/ machines that do this, inversion tables allow gravity to do the work of pulling. Many people with low back or nerve pain related to back conditions find traction helpful at least temporarily.

Answered 12/9/2013



Expands foramen: When a disc collapses the roof and the floor of the the space the nerve travels through collapses. Traction is a treatment that pulls the roof and floor apart, expanding and unpinching the nerve, it is temporary, but sometimes helps the nerve inflammation and irritability improve.

Answered 11/20/2013



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