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Severe upper back r shoulder blade area pain. didn't injure it. arthritis?

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Shoulder muscles: Shoulder blade pain can be due to strain of the muscles around your shoulder. This can happen from lifting something abnormally or improper positioning. Therapy or massage can be of benefit. Shoulder specialists can determine the type of problem.

Answered 3/20/2020


Dr. Stephen Southard answered

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Less likely: As scapular pain in a young person is often related to scapulothoracic bursitis(inflammation of the fluid sac that helps the scapula to travel over the rib cage) or referred pain from the shoulder itself. Rotator cuff(and arthritis) issues can "refer" there but usually you'd have shoulder issues too. None ortho issues could be at play too. Consider an evaluation if it's really bothersome.

Answered 11/18/2014



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