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Hi in september i found a lump in my breast i have since went to the doctor had an mammogram and ultra sound and was told i had a fibroadenoma and fibrocystic breast and to get daily check ups every since months but i have been having back pain regularly

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Dr. Richard Zimon answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not Related: Your back pain is not related to your breast issues which are "benign" Upper back pain, however, can be associated with very large breasts (a reason for breast reduction surgery) Hope this information helps! Dr Z

Answered 5/3/2017


Dr. Robert Uyeda answered

Specializes in General Surgery

If the breast: mass is truly a fibroadenoma, it is highly unlikely that it is related to your back pain. Have your doctor investigate other causes of back pain.

Answered 11/15/2014



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