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I take adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) 45mgs per day. told my doctor been feeling wired, nervous (2yrs on add) he gave me klonopin. good combo? it seemed to help, 1mg needed

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Dr. Cynthia Archer answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Not the best combo.: If you have problems feeling too nervous while using a stimulant, the dose of the stimulant should be lowered. As presumably the use of adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) is to improve concentration. Klonopin is the exact opposite of adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine). It interferes with memory and thinking. So no, it's not the best combination. Both are addictive and habituating. If you need amphetamines to concentrate, klonopin will not help.

Answered 3/29/2020


Dr. Leonard Lado answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Adderal and wired: Most likely you have developed Tachyphylaxis a a medical term describing an acute (sudden) decrease in the response to a drug after its administration. It can occur after an initial dose or after a series of small doses. The best options is to perform a pharmacogenetics test to decide if the medication works based on your genetic makeup. AssureRx has such a test and will determine if your jeans can metabolize the medication properly

Answered 11/22/2014



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