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Does lung cancer cause intermittent fleeting rib pain, or would this be advanced disease?? 25, doc says lungs sound clear, 9 -yr pack hstry

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Non-specific: Fleeting chest pains are not specific for lung cancer. It could be caused by a host of other benign reasons like muscle pain, rib pain from strain or inflammation. Pneumonia or pleurisy can also cause it. If you are worried about lung cancer and you are a smoker, check with your doctor about a screening CAT scan of the chest. If it is negative, time to stop smoking!

Answered 1/19/2017


Dr. Barry Sheppard answered

Specializes in Thoracic Surgery

No: lung cancer only hurts when it grows out of the lung and into the chest wall. In that situation pain is ongoing and gets progressively unbearable. If you are truly concerned about lung cancer quit smoking now and your risk will not be significantly higher than nonsmoker. 2 more years of smoking for you and that will not be true -after 11 more pk/yrs your risk will be 25 times higher than nonsmoker

Answered 4/27/2016



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