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I have a test today and my testosterone and estrogen are in a good range.im 18 and my gynecomastia is not severe but i have puffy nipple.will it go?

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Don't worry: Gynecomastia in adolescent males is not uncommon and is harmless. It is best not to focus on it and consider it as a normal finding. To decrease the discomfort from your clothes rubbing on the nipple, you may want to wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath your shirt. It will be less noticeable as time goes by. Take care!

Answered 11/8/2014


Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez answered

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Time & Consultation: It may very well decrease as you age but if it does not, see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your specific situation. Gynecomastia can be a tough condition for men to cope with and a consultation is the best way to learn more about your actual options. (https://www.cosmeticsurg.net/procedures/gynecomastia/)

Answered 3/16/2019



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