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I don't get how weed takes away your pain. for me if i smoke it seems to intensify the pain and only make me forget about it faster. but it never really helps the pain much. is this weird?

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Dr. Kathy Robinson answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Not wierd: Everyone responds to substances differently. For some people, especially with cancer pain associated with nausea, marijuana is helpful. Not for others. Excessive recreational use definitely has some potential side effects that are not healthy so avoid excessive use.

Answered 11/9/2014


Dr. Marshall Bedder answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Need CBD: Cannabis is much more potent that previously. This can result in intense feelings including paranoia and anxiety. For pain relieve it is the CBD component which is the analgesic and the THC which is responsible for the other effects. It is difficult to know which Cannabis you buy has a higher proportion of CBD to THC which would make it a better pain reliever.

Answered 6/10/2017


Dr. Alan Wartenberg answered

Specializes in Addiction Medicine

No, not necessarily: Some people find cannabis sedating and it reduces anxiety, while in others it can increase anxiety to the point of panic attacks. If you are using cannabis and it is INCREASING pain, but you continue to use it, I would be concerned that you may be developing a problem. When we do things (or use chemicals) that routinely make us feel worse, yet we continue to do it, we are on the road to problem.

Answered 11/27/2017



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