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Can i pop my hemorrhoids w/pin. try everything but didn't work.bath sit,cream doc. prescription medicine & more.it get worse itchy rash bottom swollen?

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Dr. Leila Hashemi answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Colorectal surgeon: Hi, you might have a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid and you need to be evaluated by a surgeon for anascopy and treatment.

Answered 10/16/2014


Dr. Carolyn Messere answered

Specializes in Colon and Rectal Surgery

Please don't: This is not the sort of thing to pop with a pin. It will not resolve the problem, and could in fact make it worse. Agree with others who have said you should be evaluated by a doctor. Also, this may not be hemorrhoids at all. Often itchy, swollen bottom is more a skin irritation than a hemorrhoid problem. Avoid wet wipes, creams, soaps, lotions. Don't wipe aggressively. Give it a chance to heal.

Answered 8/14/2016



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