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I am 24 yr old female. i have a hard pea sized lump under my skin on left side of abdomen. it is near the bottom of my ribs. it has been there for the last 3 months. some slight discomfort when i push on it or try to move it. ?

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Could be: A cyst or lipoma. See your doctor for a full exam

Answered 8/26/2016


Dr. Carrie Cannon answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Lump: Difficult to tell you what it is without a physical exam. It could be a sebaceous cyst, tiny abdominal wall hernia, tiny lipoma, aberrent lymph node..... Please see your physician to examine it and perhaps have it biopsied and removed. Even some benign lumps like lipomas can cause discomfort sometimes.

Answered 8/10/2018



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