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Bad head ache,left arm and leg gets numb,heart beating twice as fast, feeling light headed when standing,lower right side of back hurts( cant lay on)?

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Head ache: I suspect a good part of the history is missing. We have no other information about you such as your medical or mental health history, any trauma. Do you have any other symptoms such as light sensitivity, fever, nausea, shortness or breath, etc? We also dont know how long the symptoms have been going on. I suggest you consult your doctor for a physical exam and possible X-rays and labs.

Answered 9/27/2014


Dr. Susan Rhoads answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

If new go to ER: If these symptoms just started and you have never had them before, and they still are present, call your doctor or go to an ER now. Sudden onset of headache and numbness can be serious and needs to be checked out now!

Answered 9/28/2015



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