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Using 5% minoxidil for 2 months. now infested with head lice.whats the best hair fiendly treatment?

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Dr. Jalal Zuberi answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

OTC meds: There is no specific relationship between minoxidil and head lice, so treat head lice ordinarily with OTC meds like RID or any local product in your pharmacy.

Answered 9/10/2014


Dr. Carrie Cannon answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Rid for lice: Sorry to hear that. Rid over-the-counter is a good place to start. Wash all linens, brushes, combs in hot water. Do not share brushes or combs with anyone.

Answered 7/23/2016


Dr. Heidi Fowler answered

Specializes in Psychiatry

Treatment of lice: requires accurate identification of nits & / or lice. A pediculicide is usually used- OTC like Nix (permethrin) or RID or prescription meds like lindane or malathion. Work carefully through hair & remove individual nits. Purchase a special lice nit comb to aid you. Check for nits & remove as seen over the next 7 to 10 days. If there are nits after 7 to 10 days – a 2nd pediculicide tx may be needed.

Answered 9/9/2018



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