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Urine routine. all normal except occult blood 2+, protein 30 mg/dl. blood all normal except gfr 66. 37 yr old semi-active male. how serious?

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Hematuria: Hematuria is always serious if there is no obvious explanation. Expect a workup for kidney and bladder cancer for starters. It would be great to detect these while still curable. There's more but this is the most important reason to be concerned.

Answered 9/29/2016


Dr. Stephen Southard answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Hard to say: First you need microscopy to truly assess for the number of red blood cells in your urine. If that demonstrates red blood cells then you need further urologic evaluation. this often entails a urine cytology and hematuria protocol CT and even possible cystoscopy: tests to make sure nothing concerning is going on. Before you worry first make sure that you really have red blood cells in your urine.

Answered 10/8/2016


Dr. Robert Killian answered

Specializes in General Practice

Very serious: Hematuria is never normal. The cause of your urinary tract bleeding must be identified.

Answered 8/10/2014



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