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Ive got counselling tomorrow + they want to break confidentiality about my weight loss because of risks to my life! how can i stop her? i can't change

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Dr. Nguyen Nguyen answered

Specializes in Pediatrics

Life Saver: If I understand your question correctly: you are 16 years old, going to counseling, and you have been losing so much weight that your therapist is worried about not just your health, but your life. And you want to stop her from saving your life? It sounds like you have anorexia, severe enough to be dangerous. Please accept the help and get treatment, even if it means going to the hospital!

Answered 8/9/2014


Dr. Susan Arnoult answered

Specializes in Family Medicine

Risk to your life.: If there is a risk to your life then your counselor is obligated to talk to your parents or guardians. You don't see how you could change now, but it is always possible. You have probably been using control of your food intake as a way to exert control in your life and that worked for a little while. It sounds like it's out of control now and you need a new way to deal with stress and fear.

Answered 8/7/2014



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