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Just had a blood test that showed thyroid level: t4 1.9 tsh 0.07. have appt. with endo in 3 weeks am very worried. what does this mean? graves disease

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Hyperthyroid: It appears that your FT4 is high, and TSH low, which indicates hyperthyroidism. And it appears you have symptoms (palpitations? sweating? tremor?). Graves disease is the most likely cause. Don't worry. This can be controlled and treated, usually starting with medications (eg. methimazole, b-blocker) and then you should discuss radioactive iodine with your endocrinologist.

Answered 7/19/2015



Not likely Graves': Hi. You are hyperthyroid, but it's not likely Graves' with a suppressed but detectable TSH unless it was caught in transition heading to an undetectable TSH. If your TSH is stably suppressed yet detectable, a hyperthyroid nodule (or multiple hyperthyroid nodules) is more likely than Graves' disease. Either way, it will need treatment (unless it's a hyper phase of a subacute thyroiditis). Good luck

Answered 7/28/2014



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