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I suffer from pain in my toes & knees(+reddening). my blood test show low eosinophil, low hematocrit, low mcv, low mch; high sed rate,normal vitd. ?

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Dr. Naina Rastalsky answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine - Rheumatology

Refer rheumatology: Pain in joints with redness together with high sed rate and anemia at this age could be an inflammatory arthritis. Can be transient, especially if less than 6 weeks, but would consider a rheumatology evaluation.

Answered 6/13/2014


Dr. Ed Friedlander answered

Specializes in Pathology

More than 1 problem: Your toe and knee are probably unrelated to your anemia, since if this was rheumatoid arthritis sufficient to lower the MCV and Hct, it would be more severe clincally. The sed rate points to an inflammatory arthritis only if it is quite high. You need your iron status evaluated and probably a rheumatology consult on your knees. No one here can tell you more. Stay proactive & good luck.

Answered 6/14/2014



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