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Help, i can't stand the pain of shots in my toes. if general anesthesia isn't possible for toenail removal, what about an epidural?

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Dr. Glenn Messina answered

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Yes: An epidural or spinal can be used but both are overkill for a toe nail removal. The procedure takes only minutes and either the epidural or spinal will last a min of 1 hour. If this is being done in a hospital the anesthesiologist can give a small dose of propafol let you dose off for a minute as the doctor injects the toes. That's how I used to do it.

Answered 5/24/2014



If your aversion: Is hat bad you can have IV sedation. Once sedated, the foot doctor could give local anesthesia as you would be out if it and the procedure could be done.

Answered 8/2/2014



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