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Have hunger pains not hungry what does it mean eat then and go away then it comes back like 30 40 minutes later?

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Dr. Matt Wachsman answered

Specializes in Internal Medicine

Tricky.: Without actually seeing and examining I cannot give a personal answer. Irritation of the stomach classically is soothed by food (ulcer). But milder irritation, stress, or just abnormal spasms of the stomach can also feel the same and be helped by food

Answered 8/25/2015


Dr. Tadge Kanjo answered

Specializes in General Surgery

Think gastritis : The symptoms you are describing are common in patients with peptic ulcer disease or significant inflammation of the stomach. The discomfort is often misinterpreted as hunger. Eating food buffers the stomach acid and provides temporary relief however stomach acid production increases resulting in worsening pain 30 minutes or so after meals. The fact that you take ibuprofen makes this more likely.

Answered 11/3/2016



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