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Is there any side affects in nissen funduplication surgery and what's the percentage of successful of surgery as i am suffering from reflux 2 years.

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Dr. Paul Choi answered

Nissen fundiplicatn: This is surgery that is designed to recreate the sphincter at the distal end of your esophagus such that acid reflux problem is reduced. Unfortunately, in addition to post-surgical complication, there is up to 50% incidence of recurrence of gerd symptoms following surgery and often patients require resumption of proton pump inhibitor.

Answered 3/29/2014



Choosing right Pt: Long-term success rate of over 90% with N.Fundoplication,. This is superior to any currently available medical treatment option .Failure of Nissen fundoplication occurs when the patient, after the repair, experiences persistent or recurrent reflux symptoms,dysphagia, bloating , 50% of patients became long-term PPI users 10–15 years postsurgery. Patients should be made aware .COMPLIANCE w/PPI ess

Answered 4/8/2019



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