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First backpain with nerv pain left arm. mri of neck = no finds. now also headache, ischias pain. strange sudden heat sensations in both legs. reason?

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Dr. Laurence Badgley answered

Specializes in General Practice

Soft tissues: Twenties female who birthed ; now has back ; ischial pelvic pain, arm neuralgia, ; autonomic nerve activation in legs has signs #fibromyalgia. After general physical ; basic metabolic studies normal, an osteopath can discern whether soft tissues involved. Joint hypermobility (jh) when symptomatic can arouse this constellation symptoms as can sacroiliac joint. See comments below for jh evaluation.

Answered 12/25/2013


Dr. Qamar Khan answered

Specializes in Pain Management

Rheum/Neuro: Could be rheumatologic in order or neurologic. Would consider evaluation with neurologist or physiatrist for further eval.

Answered 1/8/2018



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