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Can a thyroid be undetected through doctor tests due to hormone levels? even if blood work is done.

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Thyroid: I am not sure what you are meaning exactly. You can measure thyroid hormone through blood tests and various ways. You can also use ultrasound to look at the thyroid itself. It would be possible to have no thyroid tissue left via various methods including surgery and medical treatment for thyroid diseases.

Answered 2/15/2019


Dr. Randy Baker answered

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Yes; depends on...: Evidence of thyroid problems can usually be detected if the proper tests are done but many doctors only do a TSH (or TSH ; t4). Free t3 (liothyronine), (liothyronine) reverse t3 (liothyronine) ; thyroid antibodies often shows problems. There are also different ideas of what is "normal." those with "type 2 hypothyroidism" may have normal tests. See http://bit.Ly/1cjnybx http://bit.Ly/18atkro http://abt.Cm/1562fwq ; http://bit.Ly/198pl4d.

Answered 6/10/2014



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